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Henrik Palmgren (Götaland, Sweden) is the Founder of Red Ice, founded in 2003, which "delivers news, TV and online radio".[1] Red Ice encompasses Red Ice TV,[1] a.k.a. the "CNN of the alt-right", whose Cohost is his Wife, russian-uS-american Lana Lokteff.[2] The "Red Ice" Part of the Name stems from the norse Ginnungagap-Concept of how the World came to be.[3][1] According to "Encyclopædia Britannica", "Ginnungagap, in Norse and Germanic mythology", is "the void in which the world was created".[4] In the icelandic Book "The Prose Edda", it is said that "heat and cold met" in this Ginnungagap and brought about the Existence of "a giant frost ogre named Ymir", who was one Day killed and from whose Body the World was made.[3] Henrik was also listed as an Editor for altright.com when the Site was founded.[5]

About Lana

Lana has a "non-toxic Clothing" Store, lanasllama.com.[6][7] "Jacobin" Magazine calls Lana "the most prominent woman on the alt-right". She was raised in the Northwest of the uS and was a Libertarian and Anarchist earlier in Life. Her Family left Easteurope for China, her Father's Birthplace.[2]



Male Homosexuality

At the National Policy Institute's Conference in late 2015, Lana tweeted this:

@JackBurtonReflx replied to Lana's Tweet and the following Conversation ensued:

Someone tweeted something else, but the Tweet isn't available. Lana responded with this Tweet:

Quotes about her

Anti-Defamation League

Tara McCarthy


Richard Spencer


Red Ice and Lana's Website hacked

As Henrik and Lana were driving into Charlottesville for the Unite-the-Right-Rally, Henrik noticed his "iPhone was all of a sudden swiped" and he had to "reinstate" it.[8] Their Websites, including lamasllam.com, were also hacked into and their Servers were "nuked".[9] They plan on going after the Hackers legally.[10]


PayPal-Account shut down

In July 2018, Henrik and Lana lost a PayPal-Account, apparently https://paypal.me/redice.[11][12]

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